Jana Urban Services for Transformation (JUST) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Jana Urban Foundation and provides specialized services such as Customer Insights & Analytics, Financial Advisory, Community Connect, Field Survey, Skills and Livelihoods services to group entities and their customers.

Our Work

Customer Insights

Customer Insights & Analytics focuses on market research and analytics projects for the operating companies to help drive business strategy and product decisions. The team leverages a strong technological platform to generate actionable customer insights. The team drives several customer-centric initiatives, such as the Suno Unki Kahaani council, multi-faceted customer profiling tools (called Kaleido), and Jana Sakhi – an empowered women’s council.

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisory Services delivers financial education and advice to Janalakshmi’s individual loan customers. It builds inherent capacity among the customers to make informed financial decisions, and drives financial behaviour (in terms of savings, credit, pension, insurance, etc.). The tangible output of the FAS exercise is an individualised financial plan called Arthika Nakshe. A mobile-based financial advisory model is under pilot testing in Bengaluru and Indore.

Community Connect

Community Connect assists Jana Group in sourcing for the company’s growing staff needs from amongst the very communities in which we serve. These are by way of targeted recruitment drives, called Jana Udyoga Melas. This team plays a key role in facilitating community activities at Jana Pragati Centres of Janalakshmi, like

  • Community Recruitments – Facilitating hiring candidates from our customer communities
  • Economic Training – On site and Off site skill development programs
  • Social Activities – Awareness and capacity building activities for women, children and youth

Field Survey

Field Survey or Market Research is essential for understanding the market for various product, business activities and decisions. This team caters to the group company utilizing our skilled resources in the domain of Field Survey.